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Acting in China

Acting in China

This blog is about my experiences during 10 years working as a foreign actor in China. It may not be an up to the minute blog but it will be updated as often as I can.

Aside from writing about the experience of filming in China I also want to share my thoughts about the "Golden Age" of Chinese TV drama.

Layout of this site

Acting in China Posted on Fri, April 12, 2013 10:28:47

This site is organised as a series of linked blogs. The linked blogs will be updated. This page will only be updated to add new links.

For the time being comments will not be enabled. Any problems with the website can be notified to me at

This blog is about the experience of learning history through acting in and watching TV drama and films in China, and particularly about some of the foreigners who played a part in shaping the history of China.

This section is about some of the fictional characters I have played and the actors I have played them with.

A section about watching Chinese TV and films and some of my thoughts about them. Chinese TV plays are a terrific way of improving one’s Chinese, the secret of course is to find plays that actually interest you. There is a huge variety.

A list of my published books and e-books. Plus some free stuff.

Be an aupair in China, look for an actors’ agent and other useful links from time to time.

CV and show reel

White Tulip – poems 1972 – 2011


Acting in China Posted on Fri, April 12, 2013 10:27:17

All the third-party video clips in this site are very short, usually less than 3 minutes and are shown to illustrate points about Chinese screen literature and to illustrate my own recollections. They cannot conceivably damage the economic interests of the producers of the material and may very well work to promote the material. As such I believe my use of these videos is fair use

However, if any copyright holder is unhappy they or their bulldogs may contact me at 有话好好说